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The Gospel Changes Everything

The Gospel changes everything.

That sentence seems so simple, yet it is incredibly profound. The Gospel changes everything, and if we truly believe the Gospel, then we will understand the weightiness of that powerful sentence. The Gospel literally changes everything. For me, that is evident in the plan I envisioned for my twenties, looking completely different than where I am right now. The Gospel changes everything; becoming a mom has changed everything for

me as well. The Gospel has changed how I view motherhood. Childbirth and conception can be very routine and ordinary for many people; because of that, I think I had a very nonchalant view of motherhood before I became a mom. I viewed it as something you are supposed to do when you get married; the natural progression of marriage is to start a family. Even with that perception, I viewed children as a nuisance and a burden that I would have to give up my dreams and desires to become a mom. I felt I needed to achieve all my goals before being a mom so I would not harbor any resentment towards my family if I never achieved my goals. The Gospel changes everything: the love I have for my son is only a minutia of God's love for us. Now I have my own framework to kind of relate to God in the sense that I can understand why He was willing to die for us as his children and bear the weight of our sins so that we may be in right standing with him. The Gospel changes everything: the plans I had for my life no longer matter as much as they once did. What matters is that my time here on earth is limited. God willing, I live a long and healthy life, but if not, I need to make the most of my time here on earth. Making the most of my time in this season looks like me being a good steward of the incredible gift of my son that He has graciously given me, and doing everything in my capacity to train him to love God and love others.

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