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For Better and For Worse

I think you truly get to know a person based on how they handle difficult situations. It’s easy to say someone is a great person when everything is going well, but what about when life happens and things get really real, really fast?

I love my husband. I believe God gave us the privilege of choosing each other and growing with one another through all seasons of life. This man is GROUNDED and I love that for him and for me. As life has been beating us up, he hasn’t wavered. He is strong in his faith and in his convictions; he is strong in his love for me and his family. He doesn’t complain, rather he takes everything head on and doesn't shy away from difficult and uncomfortable conversations, but instead embraces them. I know a lot of women really think their husbands are the best and I'm sure they have great husbands but mine is TOP TIER. The man is SOLID. I think what fascinates me the most about my husband is the fact that based on his background and upbringing he shouldn’t even be the man he is today if not for the grace of God and the godly men in his life discipling him and pointing him to Jesus. The man is a beautiful example of the power of the Gospel and of discipleship.

It's easy to have a good marriage/relationship when everything is going great. As I have said before I felt like I grew up too fast at times, I feel that life has happened to us pretty quickly and now on top of mourning and grieving the baby that we were so excited for, I've gotten to see how my husband deals with life amidst tremendous sorrow.

The man doesn't WAVER. Now, in no way am I saying my husband is perfect but he is perfect for me. When I was too sad and too broken to function, he seamlessly picked up the slack and at times became both mom and dad to our son and he never once complained. The man is the epitome of a servant-hearted. He wakes up at 5 am most days to clean the kitchen, cook our son’s lunch for the day, wash his bottles and do things around the house to make my workload less stressful. He loves me endlessly and loves our son with every fiber of his being. I often look at him and ask him how he doesn't get tired of caring for us and how he always has the energy to entertain our son (and if you've met our child you will understand that the boy has an insane amount of energy). He usually just looks at me and smiles and doesn't really give me an answer, but seeing his smile and his eyes light up tells me that the man is doing what he really loves doing. I really thank God for this man; he pushes me toward God, pushes me towards community in the times when being around people is the absolute last thing I want to do, he is not afraid to tell me about myself when I need to hear it, he encourages me and supports me.

I often ask him if doing school and work is too much and if I should stop and he always says no. He truly thinks that I am able to succeed in the things I set my mind to even when I can't see it for myself. He loves me when I feel I am not worthy enough to be loved and he loves me despite the fact that he truly KNOWS the person I am. The way he loves me reminds me of how God loves me and I believe the Lord was gracious and kind enough to find it fit for us to become one as a constant reminder to me that as much as my husband loves and cares for me, God does the same a thousand times more even when life tries to convince me otherwise.

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