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I am entirely off social media for the foreseeable future. Social media has many incredible benefits, for sure, but it also has a ton of detrimental effects. Especially for a person who has always struggled with comparison, social media can be an excellent tool for the enemy to use against me. While I wanted to try to use social media to promote my blog, if I am 100% honest with myself, I was still constantly comparing myself to others who seemed to be way better off than me.

In this weird season of grief and growth, I realize that people do not need as much access to me as I have allowed. That's not to say that I can't post what I want to post or share what I want to share, but I do not need to feel obligated to do so, and people shouldn't feel obligated for me to do so either.

I don't know if that's making a ton of sense. But I think the point I am trying to get at is that, as open, vulnerable, and transparent as I have been about our journey, I fear people may use these stories for their "entertainment." The point behind this website is to establish a community of mothers to share the raw truth about motherhood, carry each other's burdens, and be a source of encouragement. So far, it doesn't feel like that is the case.

Regardless, I will still write and share my thoughts on hard and uncomfortable topics with the hope of seeing the beauty of the gospel in the not-so-beautiful parts of life.

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