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"Beholding, we Become"

Beholding, we become. I just finished reading Jackie Hill Perry’s second book, Holier than Thou, and I am in awe of how deeply she loves the Lord. I truly thank God for her life; her life is evident that God can and will use ANYONE He pleases to promote his kingdom. I feel that I have a new reverence for God and understand a little more about His infinite character, as much as my finite mind can grasp at least. God is inherently DIFFERENT from us. That alone should be a reason to worship and bow at His feet forever. Thank God that God is not like us, that God is not like me. I am challenged to desire to know God more intimately and personally. I genuinely do feel that God used the gift of motherhood to show me that He and He alone is worthy of my praise and worship. He has shown me that apart from Him, I can literally do nothing. Just like my son cannot do anything on his own, that is how I need to view my relationship with Him. I need to go to him for everything, ask Him for help, and stop trying to control everything in my life on my own. He is inherently transcendent; he is so far removed from us, but then He is not. He is Jesus, God in the flesh, who came and died and rose again, defeating death, all for the sake of giving us the gift of a relationship with Himself. God is not too far to reach me, and his ear is not dull to hear me. As different as He is from us, He has provided a way for us to have close and personal access to Him.

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